Brilliant Books

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One Book Can Change The World.What If It Had Your Name On The Cover?

  • Do you want to be known by people who can hire you to speak?
  • Do you want to help thousands of people, maybe even millions?
  • Do you want to build and leave an amazing legacy?

A Brilliant Book can do that!

Brilliant Books is the complete book writing service from Caliber and our strategic partners that can move you away from an idea on paper or one that’s stuck in your mind that isn’t going anywhere. You might consult or coach a variety of clients but when it comes to putting your advice down in the form of captivating stories and a compelling thread, you have a really hard time with it.

That’s where Brilliant Books comes in.

Step by step, we’ll help you produce a phenomenal business book that inspires countless people, elevates your brand and gains you new opportunities to put your voice in front of more audiences online and offline.

If you’re driven to make a meaningful difference in others with your expertise and view your next book as a calling to do just that, you’ve come to the right place.

Brilliant Books can solidly handle every phase of the process, including your book’s:

Are you tired of talking about this book coming to fruition someday and want to see it happen in the real world, once and for all, TODAY? Make it happen with Brilliant Books!

Take the first step with a complimentary conversation on the book writing service that offers the exceptional quality and resources you’ve been looking for in one bundle. Let’s talk about how your next book may become one of the Brilliant Books by calling us at 773.677.6043 or emailing us at