How Brilliant Books Works

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Can You Picture Your Best-Selling Business Book?
Hire The Brilliant Book Writer To Make It Real.

We’re here with our Brilliant Books offering at Caliber to help you leave an amazing legacy – one that provides you a world-changing business book that places you among the best in your field. It’s not going to happen by itself, though. It takes a strong process driven by a world-class book writer, designer, publisher and marketer who team up to moves you along from phase to phase as your book comes to life the right way. So if you’re ready to stop talking about that business book you’re going to publish “someday” and actually want to utilize The World’s Greatest Business Card, it’s time to get into it. Right now. Your Brilliant Book is waiting.

Brilliant Books features five critical phases of your book writing journey:

  • Vision and Structure
  • Writing
  • Book Cover Design
  • Publishing
  • Promotion


Phase 1: Vision and Structure

Who is this book really for? Why do you want to bring it into the world? What overarching story are you trying to tell and what do you want the reader to take away from it all?

Before we can just start writing a book or picking it up after you’ve gotten stuck, we have to ensure total clarity on the vision you want to make a stunning reality upon publishing. Maybe you don’t know the answer to that yet. That’s OK. That’s what this phase is for.

Therefore, in the first phase of the Brilliant Books process, we want to understand:

  • Your goal in bringing the book to fruition
  • The audience(s) the book is for
  • What you hope to be some key takeaways
  • Where the bottlenecks in your thinking are happening

As a result of helping you think all this through at the beginning, we can put solid strokes on an outline that provides you with real structure that you never had before. With this foundation in place, you’re ready to transition into collaboration with a Brilliant Book writer – Phase 2.


Phase 2: Writing

Armed with an outline and a purpose, it’s time to team up with your Brilliant Book writer. 

Once a month at a minimum, we will meet in-person, by Zoom or talk by phone for a highly collaborative intake process that typically generates two chapters per hour-long session. It’s not your typical book writer experience. Interviewed by us, you’ll talk through the chapter’s intended topic over a period of 30-45 minutes as we collect the “best of the best” of what you have to say later on for writing purposes.

Rather than a relationship where you may write and later tell us to “edit your thoughts,” this relationship is hands-on with a book writer who provides the engine to get there. The intake and writing process, in its simplest form, looks a lot like this:

  1. You talk.
  2. We record.
  3. We write and extract the best of what you’ve shared with us.
  4. You offer tweaks/additions as needed and we make the necessary modifications.
  5. Our words hopefully make you look and sound amazing.
  6. We move on to the next chapter.

Good with that?

Note: You’re welcome to provide any and all notes but do NOT think that these take the place of any book writing on our part – which may even include previous chapters you’ve written. Prepare yourself to see this as a fresh take and a new day. If we didn’t write it with you, we may not necessarily keep it. We can use notes as a springboard for discussion but we want your conversational quality to shine through, not just your prepared statements that won’t capture everything anyway.


Phase 3: Book Cover Design 

It’s done! Well, the writing part at least, which is huge. Now, how about a great looking cover to give your book some shelf appeal?

We’ll work closely with you to design a book cover that is sure to capture the attention of potential buyers online and in the store.

This phase represents a process much like logo development in that it can involve several different concepts to choose from. You may like a cover outright or you may like certain fonts, colors, shapes, etc. of different concepts and ask if they can be utilized (which they almost always can). In other words, it is normal to take a few rounds to get it just right but it’s completely worth it for a captivating cover to represent you well.


Phase 4: Publishing

Congratulations! You’ve made it to a phase that, frankly, most people don’t. Now is not the time to get hung up with researching countless publishers. Choose ours or choose a proven one you trust so you can get it on Amazon. And then the world can get it on Amazon.

This isn’t something we literally do as much as a handoff to a trusted publisher we’ve worked with on numerous clients who is cost-effective and excellent in terms of formatting your book for publication to Amazon.

If you already have a publisher, great, but do make sure they can edit and format as needed perfectly for publishing on Amazon because Amazon itself is not helpful in the editing and formatting department. Seriously, do not try this at home. Get it right with a publisher who has done this part thousands of times before. Ours or yours.


Phase 5: Promotion

We’re not done yet unless you just wanted to get a book live on Amazon. But even if you don’t care that much about how many books you sell and wanted to publish a book more than anything, you’ve come too far to not have any kind of promotion for it.

We have a fifth and final phase of Brilliant Books reserved for promotion because you have much to be proud of and should keep the momentum going. Also, as most book promoters are ridiculously expensive, it’s about time more people had a partner to work within their budget to develop a book marketing game plan that often includes elements such as:

  • Press release writing and distribution
  • Amazon Author Central page writing (after you do setup)
  • Reviews e-campaign
  • Application to podcast guesting agency Podcast Bookers
  • Media pitching (3 months)
  • Book website or landing page
  • And more!


There you have it. A complete book writing package that’s got you covered for every major phase of what you need to fully envision, write, design, publish and promote the highest quality book in your particular space.



Whether it’s your first time or tenth time producing a book, we’re excited to learn more about you and what you’re thinking. And if we align well, what you’re thinking will soon enough be what they’re reading. Brilliant Books gets it done.

So let’s take a small step through an introductory Discovery meeting you can schedule here. Or email