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I hired Dan for my team at DDB Chicago years ago, and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. Dan has an insatiable appetite to do great work. His career has taken him from extraordinary copywriter to creative director to agency principal to social media savant, and he continues to learn and grow and add dimension to his talent. I still look forward to any opportunity to work with Dan Gershenson.

Dan is one of the most brilliant creative minds of our generation. Whether he's helping a national client reach a universal audience or a local client target their niche, Dan's ideas are always on the mark.

Dan is such a pleasure to work with. Not only is he professional, creative and results driven, but Dan is fun and personable!! He is completely committed to the success of his clients. I have also had the opportunity to watch him in action during various presentations and the crowd always walks away with valuable information! In short...Dan is awesome!

If I could check all attribute boxes, I would. He is a tremendous talent who is personable, always delivers highly creative work, on time and on budget. He also gave me many options to choose from, which is always welcome.

Besides hiring him to work with my company, I also had the pleasure of working with him on a full-time basis while at TMP Worldwide, as well as at DDB. I've known Dan for years and he is eager, creative and easy, and fun, to work with. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with Dan will be very happy with both his work and attitude. I know I welcome any opportunity to work with Dan in the future.

I have worked with Dan for the past few years. He is one of the most reliable and competent professionals I know. In addition to being a creative writer, he truly understands my business to ensure that his writing hits home with my specific audience. I HIGHLY recommend him to my clients and friends for their copy writing and social media needs.

Having Dan write the content for my revised website was an easy decision. I wrote much of my content on my old website and I wanted something fresh and simple this time. He not only actively listened to me, he asked appropriate questions to elicit the most fitting response. By doing so, he was able to create the exact picture in words of what I wanted to express to visitors on my new website. Of course, he is so pleasant and easy to work with. He worked fast and totally captured what I wanted. I would highly recommend Dan for e-marketing and website work.

Dan has done a terrific job at helping me write my blog. He's a great listener, writer, and trusted sounding board. Our posts get noticed and have led to increased awareness of my business.

I had the opportunity to collaborate on a number of initiatives with Dan regarding content, brand development & awareness and building organizational branding standards. Dan is extremely knowledgeable and can optimize your organizations needs. He spent countless hours researching and building a knowledge base on the technology, service models and clients that were essential to our business. From an organizational cost perspective the return on the investment from Dan's help was outstanding. He is a very adept Branding Executive that you can trust to get the job done! For firms not able to commit to building their own marketing department Dan can be your guy and for those that want an outside neutral perspective you would be greatly rewarded by hiring Caliber...

Working with Dan is like having a personal superhero vigilantly advocating on your behalf, without fail. He embeds himself into your business and your brand, providing him a perspective that he generously shares, leading to changes that make your business better. Dan uncannily translates your voice to the written word — to the point that customers comment on it. Dan writes to sell but isn't salesy. He builds brands and knows how to make you the brand. I don't have any re-work with Dan; he gets it the first time, every time. I always look forward to working with Dan. He is thoughtful, fun and funny, genuine, easy to work with and someone you want to spend a couple of hours with over coffee.

I attended Dan’s seminar “How to Hunt a Moving Target” and let me tell you in a short period of time I learned a lot of useful information. Dan’s passion for what he does comes through with his knowledge and creativity.

I have attended other seminars given by other well known branding companies, and his by far was the most comprehensive. If you want everyone to know who you are, see Dan. Thank you for the seminar.

Dan’s ability to listen to a series of complex problems and carefully craft a solution is a fantastic process to be a part of and never ceases to amaze me. If your brand is having difficulties with identity, awareness and overall presence then I highly recommend you speak with him. If you have the opportunity to attend an event where Dan is speaking know that you will leave the session a smarter person. Dan’s love of speaking is driven by his passion to make sure people are learning, participating and truly getting an education about the topic at hand.

I’ve had the great pleasure of working with Dan in two capacities. First, managing Dan when he was a Copywriter at Austin Knight, and second, hiring Dan as a freelance writer on behalf of my agency, the watsons. Then and now, he was on the mark, turned the work around on a dime and made the process a complete and utter joy.

The guy oozes talent and niceness from every pore. I love him and plan to keep him busy in the days and months to come. If you hire Dan, consider yourself as smart as you are lucky.

I hired Dan to freshen up the writing on my website, and am delighted with the results. Dan got what my consulting business is about in a way that I hadn't experienced from anyone outside my field! More importantly, he was able to take that understanding and write clear and compelling language about my services - and suggest format changes to the site to make it more effective. I highly recommend him.

Dan is not only a person with creative ideas, he is a professional with high intelligence and integrity. He has tremendous energy and technical acumen. Dan is focused and loves what he does...creating brands and building relationships. He is always willing to offer a helping hand and brings a strong dynamic to any team he is on. I highly recommend Dan to any company that is seeking exposure, growth, financial results and brand development.

Dan did a great job crafting our website's language as well as developing our brochure. His work was top notch and very impactful. We really appreciate the way he worked his magic. Dan has our strongest recommendation.

Dan has a deep understanding of how to promote and position your company. While his experiences are varied, he seems to work best with companies that are looking to expand/improve their brand, the online presence, and improve their overall marketing image. I would highly suggest anyone who wonders whether their marketing message is effective or not to use his Brand Audit. It is highly effective in identifying any company's brand shortcomings along with suggestions to fixing it.

I have recently hired him for a re-brand of my company. I am excited at the steps we've taken thus far and look for further changes in the future. Thanks Dan!