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Resume Makeover from Caliber transforms a boring resume
into an exciting story for executives and managers - in
both Word and graphic design form. Plus, we'll cover you with a full LinkedIn Profile optimization too.

Maybe you’re actively looking for a job now. Or only OK with where you are right now and know your resume needs a major refresh because things can change in a hurry. Either way, you deserve to have a fresh, compelling, conversational resume that highlights your greatest achievements and eliminates the marginal fluff that only describes you from a functional standpoint.

That’s why managers and executives step up for a higher quality result through Caliber's Resume Makeover program.

We go way beyond other resume writing services by delivering the highest quality work for the value - 3 revamps in 1 offering that positions you in an extraordinarily improved light in front of your next critical audience - whether that's a hiring manager or a colleague who can pass your name along to someone at their company.

Let's take a closer look at these three elements:

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The Word Document Makeover

A resume that's more conversational. And more outcome-oriented. 
And more, well, YOU.

Just because it's text-only for applicant tracking systems doesn't it mean it should be a bore. And thanks to Caliber's unique process of interviewing you upfront to get things in your own words, your Word document resume will now speak higher of your achievements with a tone that sounds more inviting than ever - yet very professional throughout. A stronger Summary. An Objective that captures their attention. A series of positive outcomes that align more clearly in your favor and paint a picture of the impact you'll have right away. And more.

It's the kind of resume that opens up new opportunities during the interview for you to share your more compelling accomplishments. That's precisely what this primary resume can do to represent you extraordinarily well.

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The LinkedIn Profile Makeover

Optimized and maximized to help you tell a better story.
Not to mention get that story found too.

Our resume writing services...don't actually end with the resume. Because if someone is going to want to learn more about you, there's one stop they're going to make right after they see your resume - or even before that point. It's your LinkedIn Profile.

Caliber will work closely with you to provide a Headline for your Profile that stops people at a glance and supplies a highly creative snapshot of what you're all about. You'll have a new About section that speaks more directly to your ideal environment and what a company can expect when they bring you into their culture. We'll build your Featured section with stronger photos or videos you have on hand, your Experience section with full paragraphs of conversational content complete with links, a better cover banner that lends credibility to your personal brand, a robust description of Accomplishments and a strategy for more Endorsements and Recommendations

Plus, when Caliber optimizes your LinkedIn Profile with the kind of highly relevant search terms you want to be found for, it can add up to improved numbers in Search Appearances, Post Views and Views of Profile according to Your Dashboard.

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The Full-Color Graphic Design Resume

Perfect for standing out among the rest of the stack.

You've got a revamped resume that flows much better and weaves a stronger narrative about your career thus far. You've got a fully optimized LinkedIn Profile. Now there's one more element to add that can really put you over the top compared to other candidates: A graphic design resume that is ideal for an in-person interaction, such as the interview, talking with a recruiter or over coffee with a colleague who can introduce you to others within their company. Available with and without your best photo, this PDF versioned resume will complement your Word resume beautifully. 

Here's How Our Resume Writing Process Works:

After a brief, 20-minute introductory phone call to ensure we’re a fit, we’ll have a Discovery Intake session with you in person or by Zoom video in which we’ll get a great sense of where you’ve been, what drives your passions and what type of environment you’d like to be a part of. We’ll also ask you about each of the stops you’ve had during your career. What you’ve written is OK, but we want more – the stuff you feel in your own words. Say goodbye to the filler because that’s going out. What will ultimately remain is a “best of the best” version of you to share with the hiring world when you’re ready to make your move.

With the intake meeting completed, we’ll get to work on creating an initial draft of your resume.

For writing and up to 2 rounds of potential revisions, it's a 4-6 week turnaround from start to finish for your Word resume, optimized LinkedIn Profile and PDF designed resume, factoring in review time required for you too.

No two stories are the same. You deserve the story of your career to sound as unique as it truly is with a final resume and LinkedIn profile from Caliber you’ll love. Resume Makeover. When you've got resume writing services like ours, all you have to do from here is ace the interview.

Now let's get after that next chapter of your career together.
Get a Resume Makeover from Caliber today!