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Marketing Coaching Designed For Real Results.

If you're one of those small business owners or marketing managers who needs extra guidance in a more strategic direction for your digital marketing, you’ll want to check out one of the best coaching programs available for the marketing space in Caliber's Marketing Coach program. Everyone has both a different level of need and obstacle in front of them that needs to be addressed right now - a Pebble, Rock, Boulder or Mountain. And we've designed our coaching services around just those levels. 

Marketing Coach Relationship Options

Pebble - You have a nagging problem with your marketing that's not going away. Like a pebble in your shoe, it's there and you know it's not likely to get kicked out. It's not going to stop you from moving forward today but ignoring it isn't the answer either.

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A 90-minute conversation with a thought partner at Caliber could do wonders to clarify your direction. A recorded video recap from Dan Gershenson with recommended next steps will solidify your path and give you a great resource to refer back to.

Rock - You have a bigger challenge in your marketing path and you can't get it around it any longer. You need the help of a digital marketing coach who can view your goal picture while helping you push the rock out of the way with recommended priorities.

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This obstacle is too big to remove in one sitting or one month. Plus, as soon as we do move it, another may roll down the mountain to take its place. But make no mistake, that rock is going to move and you're going to move along with it - with real Build-Grow-Ignite worksheets to complete as needed from your full accountability partner at Caliber. In addition to our meeting, we require one check-in per month to see how progress is being made. Feet, meet fire. 

Dan is a phenomenal strategic and creative thought partner. He takes the time to really understand your business and customer and then creates marketing pieces that attract the audience you are seeking. He is a confidant, business collaborator, coach and friend. I'd be lost without him.

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Boulder - This marketing challenge is a big one. You can't move it. You can't go around it. You can't climb over it. It's here, it's in your face and you can't face the obstacle alone. It's going to require ongoing work with your Internet marketing coach at Caliber to chisel away at it with you.

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What we do each month isn't going to be a tiny tapping but some big swings of the hammer to achieve impact. Get ready for solid, deep conversations on how you can address weaknesses, Build-Grow-Ignite worksheets to complete together and recommended next steps with two check-ins per month for full accountability, answering questions and charting progress. 

Mountain - This biggest marketing challenge of all - yet reaching the peak may offer the most rewarding view from the top.

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At the highest level of our Marketing Coach program, we will add focus to a marketing person or team while supplying you with the essential training to create a complete do-it-yourself marketing plan – based upon the very same marketing system we use ourselves at Caliber. A weekly check-in is required to ensure charting of progress and in-depth comprehension of recommendations.

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What’s included in the Mountain Level:

  • Enrollment in marketing training program– Access to complete marketing training system including Build-Grow-Ignite worksheets, tools and examples for every aspect of marketing.
  • One on one coaching call– Weekly meeting with us for direct feedback on your homework, answers to your questions and the opportunity to be held accountable for getting the work done.
  • Accountability tracking – Tracking as you go so you'll receive guidance on your progress.
  • Email Summit– Unlimited email support for Caliber on anything marketing related.

A 9-month commitment to hire us as your Marketing Coach is required at this level. After that point, you can use what we’ve taught you on your own or bring us aboard to support you in a more robust fashion.

Now dig in with a Discovery call and let's get you meaningful help from the other voice in the room you've been waiting for.