The Exceptional Tribe

Would you like a guaranteed, never-ending stream of new business?
An Exceptional Tribe can do that.

You are unstoppable and unmistakable. 

Your words command the respect and admiration of everyone you meet.

You have a legion of champions ready to walk through fire for you, your business and your brand. 

You have business coming to you and you don't even hunt for it anymore.  

What will it take for you to be living this best version of your life? What is standing in the way at this current moment of you achieving that? What will it look like, sound like and feel like when you reach that amazing and incredible goal? Aren't you worthy of multiplying your profit over and over again?

This is your life at the highest level.
As a member of The Exceptional Tribe.

The Exceptional Tribe is an exclusive membership site from Caliber Brand Strategy + Content Marketing that combines early release content, group coaching, one-on-one customized coaching and private mini-courses in marketing and sales to elevate your growth rapidly, consistently and dramatically.

Take a look at all you receive as our different levels of membership:

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So what does every member get as being part of The Exceptional Tribe?

Every month, you’ll receive a new eBook focused on a whole range of marketing and sales topics with a series of helpful videos that correlate to that month's theme that you can watch.

You'll have access to our Exceptional Tribe private Facebook and LinkedIn Groups, where you’ll be able to ask a range of burning questions to our online community of your fellow Exceptional Tribe members.

To position you to hit the ground running on your relationship building, we'll help create a few essential items you'll love using: A Perfect Introduction that incorporates who you are looking for, your best qualities and what people are saying positively about you. A Networking 1-Sheet that gives you a powerful PDF that sums up your strengths and ideal customer in no time. And a stronger and fully optimized LinkedIn Profile.

We're not even done yet.

Every Exceptional Tribe member will also receive early access to new videos, podcast episodes, webinars and eBooks before the general public as well as replays of recorded group coaching sessions (sensitive info removed, of course). That's right. Subscribe to The Exceptional Tribe and you'll be able to watch real business owners getting coached toward solutions on many of the same questions and challenges you surely have related to your own business. Like you're right there in the room with us.

Finally, to ensure you're on the right track with your specific goals, your membership entitles you to one free and customized Exceptional Consultation with Dan every 6 months.

  • 25 marketing and sales eBooks free
    (new one delivered to you every month)
  • Helpful videos from Dan every month (based on our monthly theme)
  • Access to The Exceptional Tribe private Facebook and LinkedIn Groups
  • Your own Perfect Introduction
  • Your own Networking 1-Sheet
  • Your own LinkedIn Profile Optimization
  • VIP early access to videos, podcasts, webinars and eBook content before the general public
  • Replays of recorded group sessions
  • 1 Exceptional Consultation with Dan
    every 6 months

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If you'd like to level up your knowledge of marketing strategy, planning, identifying your ideal customer and much more, select one of our mini-courses as an add-on.

In just 3-4 sessions, you'll get a solid and powerfully focused course on topics designed for beginning and intermediate business owners who want clarity on the way forward. 

These are live training sessions that enable you to ask the questions you need on the spot. You'll also receive an accompanying eBook with Build-Grow-Ignite worksheets to help you absorb the mini-course content that much easier and quickly.

Once you complete one of our mini-courses, you are eligible to apply for either group coaching or one-on-one coaching through The Exceptional Tribe.

  • 1 mini-course included with your Exceptional Tribe subscription! 
  • Courses on how to: Build a local marketing system, create a marketing strategy, design a referral engine, customize a marketing hourglass, generate a steady stream of leads, speak for leads, guide the customer journey and more!
  • Recorded video recaps from Dan Gershenson with recommended next steps
  • Unlimited email support

*Mini-courses are available only to existing Exceptional Tribe members and are not sold as standalone courses to the general public. 

Dan is a phenomenal strategic and creative thought partner. He takes the time to really understand your business and customer and then creates marketing pieces that attract the audience you are seeking. He is a confidant, business collaborator, coach and friend. I'd be lost without him.

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 Kathy Quinn

 The Q Group

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Group Coaching

You are part of a carefully hand-selected group of 6 small business owners of non-competing industries who are relentlessly focused on growth, addressing nagging challenges and smashing through goals. At each meeting, you will communicate these challenges and goals as well as your progress toward them. In return, you will receive no less than 3 actionable steps by your group and worksheets as needed. 

This isn't your typical "mastermind." It's a full-on commitment to yourself and your fellow group members, so only join if you're ready to put in the work, be 100% transparent with us, be held accountable and follow through on the recommendations of your fellow group members. 

If you can do that, the rewards of the relationships to come in an Exceptional Tribe group coaching setting can be limitless.

  • 2 meetings per month
  • Each meeting ends in recommended next steps for you by the group
  • Unlimited email support

*Pre-requisite: Every member of our Group Coaching program must complete at least one Exceptional Tribe Mini-Course prior to enrolling in Group Coaching.

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One-On-One Coaching

At the highest level of The Exceptional Tribe, you have conquered the mountain of your greatest challenge. You've made full systemic changes for your firm's identity, marketing and sales success.

From here, you have the rewarding view of a complete do-it-yourself marketing plan in motion – based upon the very same marketing system we use ourselves at Caliber. 

We'll get you there through weekly recommended steps and progress support, Build-Grow-Ignite worksheets, tools and examples for every aspect of marketing. 

A 12-month commitment to hire us as your Marketing Coach is required at this level. After that point, you can use what we’ve taught you on your own or bring us aboard to support you in a more robust fashion.

  • "I know what my brand's purpose is and who I'm meant to rescue!"
  • "We have reached 7X the profitability we hit last year! It's incredible!"
  • "Marketing, Sales, Operations, Customer Service and all customer-facing teams speaking the same language. Finally!"  
  • Weekly check-ins with marketing coach
  • Recorded video recaps from Dan Gershenson with recommended next steps
  • Unlimited email support
  • Available in packs of 12 or 24 sessions.
  • Pay in advance, meet as frequently as you like!

*Pre-requisite: Every member of a One-On-One Coaching program must complete at least one Exceptional Tribe Mini-Course prior to enrolling.

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Now dig in with a Discovery call and let's get you meaningful help from the other voice in the room you've been waiting for.