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For years, we heard that manufacturing marketing would eventually go through a transition beyond traditional media into digital marketing. Look no further than Lake Cable for evidence of that change being here and here to stay.

A 4th generation wire and cable manufacturer, Lake Cable sought to take an important step forward for its brand with consistent messaging that would reinforce the importance of delivery on their product. Caliber delivered as well, with content for a new website, blogs, product brochures, sell sheets, video scripting, trade show ads, email marketing, press releases and all the places for the brand “Where Delivery Matters.”


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Tony Kernagis

Marketing Director
Lake Cable, LLC

If I could check all attribute boxes, I would. He is a tremendous talent who is personable, always delivers highly creative work, on time and on budget. He also gave me many options to choose from, which is always welcome. Besides hiring him to work with my company, I've known Dan for years and he is eager, creative, easy and fun to work with. 

Anyone who has the opportunity to work with Dan will be very happy with both his work and attitude. I know I welcome any opportunity to work with Dan in the future.

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Dan Gershenson

The manufacturing space is filled with companies that list a ton of bullet points for features. But at the end of the day, manufacturing marketing isn't about the 15 bullet points per product. It's about finding one giant advantage that your products and team has that undeniably takes the lead over all the rest. It's not a "nice to mention" but a defining trait that has a deep, emotional pull. 

Still, it's not easy to persuade manufacturers to go that route for their brands. 

Fortunately, U.S. Gypsum (USG) - the makers of Sheetrock drywall, Donn ceiling grid, Durock cement board and more - saw itself as always having the architect and contractor's back. The quality of their products was so dependable that these building professionals would never take a step back in their projects and risk their reputations as a result. After digging down deep to find that insight, we realized that such a revelation had far more weight than going into every last detail about the product line. And that drove the direction behind every ad we did for architects and contractors alike. 

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