digital marketing speaker

Dan Gershenson is a leading digital marketing speaker, delivering a warm, accessible and entertaining tone that clarifies even the most complex marketing concepts for the audience.

Dan has spoken at industry conferences, networking groups, company lunch n’ learn sessions, Chambers of Commerce and colleges and universities.

DAN-2019-10-13-DTM-Summit-0001-200x300 Brand Strategy Chicago Content Marketing

Here is a sampling of Dan’s most popular presentations, workshops and guest lectures that have been consistently well received in the Chicago area and across the country.

The Art Of Reputation Management

What The Hell Is
A Personal Brand Anyway?

Understanding The Customer Journey

6 Ways To Power Up Your Content and Enhance Your Connections

How To Discover Your Perfect Target Customer

How To Build, Grow and Ignite Your Business Using LinkedIn

Social Selling Made Smarter

7 Steps To Small Business Success

Need a digital marketing speaker? Have a particular topic in mind for your group beyond these? Reach out to us at Caliber and we can often create a powerful marketing talk around just what you need!