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Carnival Barking and Rapid Fire Posting Chaos: Improving Online Communities From Within

There’s a Facebook community I was recently excited to join, led by one of of the people in our industry I truly respect. Within two weeks, I found I had to leave it. It wasn’t largely the group leader’s fault. It was the people who killed it from within. Why? The entire mission of the […]

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Social Media Gurus with No Social Skills

Here’s an ironic moment – we’re sitting across from a person at dinner who is chatting non-stop and loudly about trends in social media. She’s talking about the changes in Facebook search, the Recommendation she just made for someone on LinkedIn, Google’s next big move, etc. And yet, she never looks up once from her […]

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Brand Positioning With The Urgency Of Jack Bauer

The program for people who want to take a sledgehammer to inaction. Sufferers from Marketing Meeting Fatigue can’t always spot the warning signs right away. That’s because MMF sets in after the 15th meeting about the position of the market you feel you can truly own better than anybody. You may have disagreements on your […]

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Keeping Your Brand Warmer In A Polar Vortex

As temperatures in this part of the country reach epically historic lows and videos depicting Chicago as the ice planet Hoth from Star Wars go up, one of the more common things for a company to do is to keep their customers informed on social media of delivery status or whether or not they’re open […]

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This Week’s Buzz: Do Google Hangouts Influence Search, Amazon Knows What You’re Thinking and the Future of Sears

This week, Erik Hultman and I talk about the influence of Google Hangout in search results, why you shouldn’t believe everything you read about the impending death of Facebook, how Amazon is trying to get even smarter in anticipating what you want and what the Sears closing of its flagship State Street store means for […]

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What Doctors Can Learn From Designers: Tales From The Cusp

“If we as health care providers do not think like designers, we will fail in our mission to serve our patients.”    -Dr. Joyce Lee In attending Chicago’s recent Cusp Conference, I came across a host of innovative guest speakers who are changing business models through better design. One of them I thoroughly enjoyed hearing […]

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What’s That In Your Social Media Background? Nothing?

Go customized. Here’s a simple but powerful tip that more brands need to take advantage of on their social media channel design to establish a presence. I recently spoke about the need to treat yourself as your most important client or you’ll perpetually push yourself to the bottom of the list. Knowing that this involves […]

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Is Facebook Polluting Itself From Within?

By now, if you’re on Facebook enough each day, you’ve probably noticed the persistent presence of some people who think you should know about them. They aren’t your friends and they aren’t Fans of your business page. No, instead these special un-invented guests to your Facebook News Feed belong to a category of what’s called […]

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Rose’s Brand Thornier Issue Than It Should Be

I never thought I would see a day in Chicago when Derrick Rose would have his heart questioned, but it’s obvious that we’re officially there. While we can debate to no end whether it’s right or wrong for him to sit on the bench when he’s been medically cleared to play for two months now, […]

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The Challenge of Writing One Original Sentence.

I was having an interesting discussion recently on LinkedIn about whether or not you accept people who invite you to connect with no personal message other than “I would like to add you to my network on LinkedIn.” Apparently in the eyes of some, ignoring this message is egotistical. That we’re passing up potential opportunities […]

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