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Ads on Bathroom Mirrors: The Charm of O’Hare Airport

I wonder if weary travelers delayed at O’Hare during this record snowstorm will want to put their fist through one of these ads in frustration, but I’ve got to hand it to Clear Channel Outdoor and Mirrus for an unusual innovation: Airport Bathroom Advertising. It’s actually a cool concept if you don’t feel violated. On […]

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25 days to go: Chicago Mayoral candidates still have online work to do.

Now that the Rahm Emanuel Question has been officially answered – in case you’re unclear, he’s officially on the ballot to stay – we can take a look at how our selection of candidates are faring in terms of educating voters in the online world. Sure, shaking hands at an El stop is great PR, […]

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Calling Out Athletes Who Tweet Irresponsibly

“If he was on my team, I’d be looking at him sideways.” – Asante Samuel “All I’m saying is that he can finish the game on a hurt knee…I played the whole season on one.” -Maurice Jones-Drew “Hey, there is no medicine for a guy with no guts and heart.” -Derrick Brooks “If I’m on […]

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Selling to people who couldn’t care less (at first)

“Hi Mr. Decision-Maker at XYZ Company. This is (your name) at (your company). We’ve been in business since (year) and people love us for our (product/service attribute).” Click. In case you’re wondering that would be the sound of Mr. Decision-Maker stopping and deleting your voicemail message. Admittedly, for a long time I sounded kind of […]

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A Bears-Packers type of rivalry? Every brand should be so lucky.

It’s not a game. It’s The Game. It’s a game so gigantic that dare I say some fans would rather make sure the Bears just beat the Packers on Sunday and whatever happens in the Super Bowl happens. It’s that important. Yet, rivalries like this are great for other brands too. So many companies get […]

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Chicagoland companies planning to hire in 2011. Now’s the time for HR to get creative.

Good news from the Management Association of Illinois: A new survey says that 52% of Illinois companies plan to hire new workers in 2011 or bring back workers they laid off in 2010. Not only is this encouraging to hear but Illinois also beats the national average here as well. This leads me to believe […]

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The Day the Borders to E-Readership Came Down

In the age of the Kindle and the iPad, the concept of traditional book stores closing these days is becoming commonplace. I fought this trend in my own mind because as much of a digital person that I am, I enjoy the physical nature of a book. Traditional books speak to my sentimental side too […]

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