About You

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You’re a CEO/President/Owner/Partner of a small-to-medium-sized professional services firm who:

  • Works in an industry with a complex sale – in other words, nobody is going to walk into your office for the very first time or approach you at a trade show and say, “I’ll take one of those.” It takes at least 2-3 times to interact most of the time before a prospect comes aboard.
  • By default, is the only one in a marketing role at your company – so you’ve been entrusted to somehow “figure out” all the marketing initiatives for the entire company, including branding, content, social media and more.
  • Craves the help of a highly experienced, highly creative writer and strategist to be your virtual Chief Content Officer / Marketing Director
    You can see using this person for 8-32 hours per month for various branding/strategy/content needs. And you don’t care that this person isn’t sitting at a desk in your environment every day as long as you’re in close communication with them every week or every other week.
  • Is bombarded with work and stretched thin
    You often wish for having 3-4 versions of yourself to accomplish everything that’s needed.
  • Makes all the decisions on the brand or is a major influencer
  • Works in an industry in which the professionals tend to have their own “lingo” in peer-to-peer discussions online and offline. Yet you have great difficulty communicating those same concepts in “plain English” to the outside world to those who would purchase your services.
  • Is challenged to convey all you do to the C-level above or your peers
  • Says things like:
    “I get the value of creating content and would love to do more of it, but I’m doing a million other things and have my hands full – there’s no time and we don’t have the internal resources.”

    “I get a bunch of data and reports…but what I really want and need is a brand strategy.”

    I wish we had a real marketing system rather than what we’re currently doing – throwing things against the wall to see what sticks or falling in love with the next new shiny object.”

If at least two of these above points applies to you, you’re ready to take a close look at a senior-level outside resource to partner with you at a great value – a true best of both worlds. That’s what Caliber delivers.

Take the next step by filling out this Marketing Check-Up prior to a Discovery meeting with Caliber. Once received, we’ll follow up with you to schedule that meeting.