About Us

What Makes Us Different? 7 Advantages, For Starters.

#1: We’re Actually Designed For Small Business Owners And Marketing Departments of One. 

Manufacturing. Technology. Management consulting. Finance. Industries like these have a complex sale to make and need to find clarity on building a brand the right way. Now. That’s why those challenged by lack of internal resources and time have benefitted from bringing in the top content marketing agency in Chicago to provide superior strategies and creative content – Caliber Brand Strategy + Content Marketing.

20180920Dan_Gershenson_collaborative1138-731x1024 Brand Strategy Chicago Content Marketing#2: Our Proven System

Any content marketing agency can post and tweet and upload and pin.

Content marketing is a system. There’s FAR more to it than production. Caliber’s clients come to us because they want to tell more captivating stories in a tone and manner their audience can appreciate. That’s what our vast knowledge of copywriting for a myriad of industries and brands has taught us.

#3: Strategy First. Every Time. No Exceptions.

Before we even consider whether or not you should be on Facebook (or any other social media channel for that matter), we help our clients see the strategic vision of how all of this content actually fits into the “Big Picture” of what the brand is trying to accomplish. A blogger can’t often bring this greater perspective on branding to the table. A Creative Director who thinks strategically while generating compelling content all the while can. Like Caliber’s Dan Gershenson.

#4: Original Content From Scratch. Not Just “Curated” Content.

Simply finding topics around certain keywords is not only too easy – it’s also potentially dangerous if all you’re doing is shoveling a lot of various posts at your audience without giving much thought to what they want to read about most. Our original writing and curation skills are done with a true, larger, strategic purpose.

#5: Instead Of Industry Jargon, We Prefer Writing For Human Beings.

Name the industry and chances are, we’ve worked with a company in that field who required a unique voice while establishing thought leadership for the brand. We don’t write in industry speak that sounds like the rest of the companies in your field. We write for the human beings you’re trying to build a rapport with so your brand can stand out in a genuine, powerful way.

#6: We Visualize Your Most Coveted Customer Beyond A “Like.”

We drill deeper on reporting metrics related to awareness, sales and loyalty. We also believe that you’re not just talking to a Fan or Follower. You’re talking to a real person who has genuine challenges that need to be spoken to – which is why the buyer personas we craft for clients helps them build relationships. Not just cosmetic numbers. 

20180920Dan_Gershenson_collaborative1502 Brand Strategy Chicago Content Marketing

#7: We See Fellow Agencies As Friends. Not Foes.

We complement the services of ad agencies, graphic design firms and web design shops when they need help providing strong direction for their clients’ brands and content. We’re their partner, not their competitor. In fact, we’re happy to blend in behind the scenes as part of their team so the client receives the most united voice possible.